Monday, March 2, 2009

My Daddy's Dream Car

My father is simple in his tastes. He likes meat with every meal. He likes to wear things out--drive a car into the ground, wear clothes thread-bare, recycle an old refridgerator into a shelf for the farm, etc. He loves where he lives and loves his family. He farms and gardens. With that said, he does enjoy nice things, though he rarely has such desires. Today, he fulfilled a boyhood wish. He bought a Thunderbird. He has looked at paper ads for them since the 60s. . . and fifty years later, he has the car he has always desired. I believe he is in the middle of heaven today. Here is a photo of him with his car. He is an old German guy, so that is as happy as he ever looks. Well, he might look happier when playing with his grandkids. I'll have to do some photo comparison.

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