Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day at the Beach

IMG_3400, originally uploaded by hmsohly.

Having the whole family go to the beach is a treat. With the craziness that is our modern lives, we often head off separately to get the big girl to soccer, theater or an evening with friends while the littles head to their activities. Getting us all together to play and relax is a greal gem.

We are all collectors--rocks, beach glass, and shells all make their way to our home in pockets and then find a place to adorn a shelf, a vase, a treasure box. The kids never seem to mind if it is sunny or gray. They just want the sand in their toes, wind on their cheeks, rocks to throw at the water and shovels for digging. Simple things are always the best. A day at the beach is the middle of heaven for our family.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best String Cheese

As a child, in Northern Wisconsin, I grew accustomed to the cheese curds and string cheese, my grandparents' always had in their refridgerator. They always went to the local dairy to get them (and an ice cream cone) and I took for granted that I'd find the same types of products when I ventured into stores in larger metropolitan areas. I didn't.
Last fall, my husband found my favorite "Fancy Cheese" at the Safeway near his office on Queen Anne. This spring, I found it at the PCC in Edmonds. I promise you and your kiddos will LOVE this cheese. It is the middle of heaven--just the perfect blend of salty and creamy. The texture is also perfect--the right amount of pull and bite. Hopefully you'll find "Fancy Cheese" in your market, but if you don't, here is the link to their on-line store: They are a full co-op, so you can also buy grain, fencing and other farm implements, though not on-line.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Homesteader's Package

Did you know you could order these little lovelies in the mail? My father orders his chickens and the little box full of holes and cheeps, arrives at the post office where he picks them up after the early morning call telling of their arrival. We are lucky to visit the farm in the summer. The "littles" as I refer to my kiddos, love all the baby animals, so Papa orders up chicks for the littles to enjoy. This year he decided to order a package with ducks, turkeys and geese. Apparently you give the company your order date and then they arrive. Sadly, Papa didn't read the fine print and the Homesteader's Package is always sent at a specific time. They are already at the farm and don't they look so soft and snuggly? No little baby ducks, geese and turkeys for the littles, but there will be chicks in June. Warm, downey sweetness--yes, the middle of heaven. . . I guess life on the farm in spring is the middle of heaven--all that new life and green. Ahh, spring.