Monday, March 30, 2009

A Friend Like Holly

As if having a friend who is willing to watch your kiddos isn't amazing enough, we have a friend, Holly, who is more amazing than that. The children almost lose their senses when Holly arrives. She loves to see them, play with them and make them giggle. On our way out to see a concert on Saturday night, I backed into her new snazzy car. I just scratched it (I didn't crunch it), but still--that is enough of a blip on my screen, to call it a night. We inspected her car and my sweet husband went in to tell Holly the news. Her response was heavenly, "Whatever, go have fun." She didn't come out and take a look. Obviously, she knows we will make it right, but still--not a look, not a stutter. . . "Whatever, go have fun." She was even surprised when we were home by 11:00 pm. The concert was over and we wanted to get her on her way. Friends are always awesome, but a friend who will watch your kids and love you even when you crack into her new car is the middle of heaven as far as we're concerned. Thank you, Holly. We love you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cakebread Cellars

Simple things.

Clean laundry.

A good cup of coffee.

Pizza on Friday--my kids eating all the black olives.

A glass of good wine.

Sleeping babies.

A movie with my sweetheart.
If you're looking for a glass of good wine, will provide you with a lovely experience. Their reserve chardonnay is incredible. Their reds are beautifully crafted. Really, you'd enjoy any bottle on which they place their label. Their cooking classes are dreamy as well! BB (before babies) my husband and I enjoyed a cooking class and a meal with the owner, Jack Cakebread. If you get the opportunity, take it. Their chefs are constantly creating and pairing; their on-site garden is unparalleled. Cakebread wines are definitely "the middle of heaven" as far as we are concerned.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Daddy's Dream Car

My father is simple in his tastes. He likes meat with every meal. He likes to wear things out--drive a car into the ground, wear clothes thread-bare, recycle an old refridgerator into a shelf for the farm, etc. He loves where he lives and loves his family. He farms and gardens. With that said, he does enjoy nice things, though he rarely has such desires. Today, he fulfilled a boyhood wish. He bought a Thunderbird. He has looked at paper ads for them since the 60s. . . and fifty years later, he has the car he has always desired. I believe he is in the middle of heaven today. Here is a photo of him with his car. He is an old German guy, so that is as happy as he ever looks. Well, he might look happier when playing with his grandkids. I'll have to do some photo comparison.