Friday, March 27, 2009

Cakebread Cellars

Simple things.

Clean laundry.

A good cup of coffee.

Pizza on Friday--my kids eating all the black olives.

A glass of good wine.

Sleeping babies.

A movie with my sweetheart.
If you're looking for a glass of good wine, will provide you with a lovely experience. Their reserve chardonnay is incredible. Their reds are beautifully crafted. Really, you'd enjoy any bottle on which they place their label. Their cooking classes are dreamy as well! BB (before babies) my husband and I enjoyed a cooking class and a meal with the owner, Jack Cakebread. If you get the opportunity, take it. Their chefs are constantly creating and pairing; their on-site garden is unparalleled. Cakebread wines are definitely "the middle of heaven" as far as we are concerned.

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