Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomato Galore

tomato wagon, originally uploaded by hmsohly.

My father has an amazing garden. He loves to grow things and has instilled that love in his children and grandchildren. Last year, I finally talked him into sharing his garden at the local farmer's markets. He had always had so much and some went to waste when he couldn't find friends who would take more produce. If you're in Frederic or Siren, Wisconsin on Saturdays, you'll find my dad at the market. My mother is canning like crazy and I was so lucky to have some of these yummy tomatos for my birthday. They are truly the middle of heaven.

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  1. Gosh, if I lived in Wisconsin I would be buying those beautiful red gems in a heartbeat! Even some orange cheese to go along with them. My garden did not do great things this year and I had to actually purchase wanna-be tomatoes from the grocery store. It's just wrong, isn't it? Glad you talked your dad into sharing that bounty and earning enough for next year's seeds. :) Thanks for your encouragement on my blog!! I liked it!