Friday, May 1, 2009

Homesteader's Package

Did you know you could order these little lovelies in the mail? My father orders his chickens and the little box full of holes and cheeps, arrives at the post office where he picks them up after the early morning call telling of their arrival. We are lucky to visit the farm in the summer. The "littles" as I refer to my kiddos, love all the baby animals, so Papa orders up chicks for the littles to enjoy. This year he decided to order a package with ducks, turkeys and geese. Apparently you give the company your order date and then they arrive. Sadly, Papa didn't read the fine print and the Homesteader's Package is always sent at a specific time. They are already at the farm and don't they look so soft and snuggly? No little baby ducks, geese and turkeys for the littles, but there will be chicks in June. Warm, downey sweetness--yes, the middle of heaven. . . I guess life on the farm in spring is the middle of heaven--all that new life and green. Ahh, spring.


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  2. Awwww . . . how stinkin' cute are they???!!!