Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Best String Cheese

As a child, in Northern Wisconsin, I grew accustomed to the cheese curds and string cheese, my grandparents' always had in their refridgerator. They always went to the local dairy to get them (and an ice cream cone) and I took for granted that I'd find the same types of products when I ventured into stores in larger metropolitan areas. I didn't.
Last fall, my husband found my favorite "Fancy Cheese" at the Safeway near his office on Queen Anne. This spring, I found it at the PCC in Edmonds. I promise you and your kiddos will LOVE this cheese. It is the middle of heaven--just the perfect blend of salty and creamy. The texture is also perfect--the right amount of pull and bite. Hopefully you'll find "Fancy Cheese" in your market, but if you don't, here is the link to their on-line store: They are a full co-op, so you can also buy grain, fencing and other farm implements, though not on-line.

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