Saturday, February 14, 2009

Common Good Books and Valentines

While visiting friends in St. Paul, Minnesota over the winter holiday, I was early and the other girls were late. What a lucky thing for me since W. A. Frost (our meeting destination) is across the street from Garrison Keillor's Common Good Books. I couldn't help but disappear for an hour. I read from some wonderful books and had to have Ted Kooser's VALENTINES. You can listen to him reading selections at NPR.

If you find yourself in St. Paul, do spend some time with the wonderful literary selections, the interesting author quotations and the signs that urge you to read. Common Good Books is "the middle of heaven" as our boy would say, so is Ted Kooser's lovely collection of Valentines. Maybe tonight you could share Kooser's words with your love while you enjoy some wine and cheese by candle light. It is what I did with my love last night and that was a little bit of heaven for us.

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